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The Motivity Dance Collective is a movement incubator that exists to inspire creative collaborations and unique performance possibilities. As trained dancers we strive to communicate an array of topics through aerial arts and dance techniques. We are impassioned by art, literature, poetry, music, and nature. Due to the current world atmosphere, we have been drawn to utilizing props and spoken word in our movement investigations to enhance the storytelling of our shared human experience. Our choreography displays a spectrum of contexts and moods ranging from light-hearted, to abstract, to expressive. We are fascinated by the many moving parts it takes to make a creative work speak on a deeper level, and motivated to find innovative ways to impart this connection with our audience.

"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way."
-Edward de Bono

We would like to share with you our new and exciting venture - The Motivity Dance Collective. We are five movement dance artists: Rhoslyn Anderson, Breezy Berryman, Kathy Brennan, Bridget Doran, and Emilie Springer. We have come together to generate ideas and create work as a cooperative, diversified group of dance makers.

Our mission is to present individual and collective choreography in COVID-19-safe and practical ways. Motivity seeks to spark many community outreach opportunities, workshops, classes, performances, and residencies, with the ultimate goal of taking the company on a tour throughout Alaska.

Motivity’s inception has cultivated a safe environment to support and facilitate our creativity. We are thinking “outside the box” for ways to connect to our audience as dancers, choreographers, writers, aerial artists, hoopers and performers.
Check out project funded by the Homer Council on the Arts-Art From the Heart:
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Motivity: The power of moving or producing motion

Motivity Dance Collective and Friends present "Expand" May 15th, 2022, 3pm and 5:30pm at the Kachemak Shellfish Grower's Co-op weather permitting.
Check back soon for more info. Tickets to be sold at the door of the day of the show.
Introducing new innovative work with guest artists: Dave Aplin, Jill Berryman, Bobbye Pin-up, English John, Brittany, the Monday Dance Group, Sue and Brad and many more.

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if you cannot make it to the show or want to help us with space rental etc....

Last Year's “Emerge” Program, May 8th 2021

Fishing Lines- Rhoslyn Anderson, Breezy Berryman, Bridget Doran, Kammi Matson and Emilie Springer
Poem by Emilie Springer: “Incantation of Machinery”

Ready for the Storm- Sue Butler and Brad Somers singing and playing guitar
Music: “Amado Mio” Pink Martini with Storm Large
Version by Kathy Mattea and Dougie MacLean

Track Some Darkness In Ya- Solo by Breezy Berryman
Music: “Fame Will Eat the Soul”
“Meditations on healing from COVID-19”

Hoop Queens- Rhoslyn Anderson, Bridget Doran and Kammi Matson Music: “Kings and Queens”-Ava Max

20 minute Intermission with music from Ben Nevdal and Craig Teegan

Magellan- Solo on Trapeze by Bridget Doran
Music: “Pretty Bird”- Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands (featuring Linda Rondstadt)

Long Legs by the Sea
- Stilts solo by Brittany Briley
Music: “Qui Sait” (Who Knows)-Ezechiel Paihes

My Only Friend- Breezy Berryman, Bridget Doran, Emily Rogers and Emilie Springer
Music: “All By Myself”-Bobby Darin

My Mama- Rhoslyn Anderson, Bridget Doran and Kammi Matson
Music: “I Got it from my Mama”-wil i am

We Fall to Pieces
- Sung by Cathy Stingly, Cindy McKenna on the Guitar
Music: Re-imagined version of Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces” about the aging process- 6pm show only

In Motion- Rhoslyn Anderson, Breezy Berryman, Bridget Doran, Emily Rogers and Emilie Springer

Thank You for attending our show!
Thank you to The Kachemak Shellfish Growers for the usage of the deck and to Martin Zeller of the Art Barn, HCOA, Pier One, Kathleen Gustafson of KBBI and Micheal Armstrong of the Homer News.
Thank you to Dave Aplin and son Tom, Craig Teegan and Ben Nevdal, guest musicians and dancers and family volunteers.
Thank you to our Go Fund Me supporters: Katie Gamble, Mark Robinshon, Stuart Schmutzler, Jinx Strelkauskas, Joy Steward and Oceana Wills.

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Breezy Berryman

Bridget Doran

Emilie Springer

Kammi Matson